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What Type of Massage Should I Get?


For first time massage receivers to the well experienced, Hills offers a variety of bodywork techniques both combined and a la cart to meet your needs. Our certified massage therapists each have their own unique styles, blends and passions in the bodywork felid. Here is a list of some modalities offered here at Hills with a little insight into what that modality is and who it is recommended for.

Swedish: A beautifully relaxing modality applied with oil, long strokes, and kneading. Also known as Circulatory Massage, as it is performed working with muscles in the same direction as blood flow. Top pick for those of you looking to just relax into a parasympathetic state where your body can rest, recover, and repair.

Deep Tissue: This perfectly named modality offers a deep pressure and a manipulation of the fascia and deeper muscles. Very slow and isolated to specific muscles, this form of body work is a great way to release deep knots. Recommended for anyone looking to get that kinked neck or calf to release!

Tui Na: Pronounced “twee naw”, this form of bodywork is one of the many techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This can be less relaxing and is used more frequently to correct specific injuries. A combination of rolling, finger springing, kneading and grasping of muscles is utilized here.

Thai: Also, a less relaxing modality, you can expect the therapist to use their elbows, knees and even feet to apply pressure where muscles need to be pinned and stretched. This can be a more interactive modality where the patient is frequently reminded to use breath and is physically being moved throughout the process.

All of these modalities can be paired together or used individually to get you what your body needs. At Hills, our toolbox is plentiful and ready to help you thrive!

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