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Neurotherapy is a combination of neurostimulation therapies and neurofeedback. Stimulation therapy uses small electrical currents to produce changes in your brainwave patterns and activity. Then, neurofeedback therapy teaches your brain to adjust on its own. This process of stimulating and learning to change your brainwave activity improves brain function. Our goal is to help you create physiological changes to meet your goals, like recover from trauma, feel calmer, sleep well, reduce pain, and think more sharply.

“I’ve been in therapy at several points in my life to help manage depression and get through other life events, and while I found most of the therapists and sessions helpful, my experience with Dr. Delli Colli has taken things to a totally different level. Her approach incorporates multiple therapies that help treat the whole person. The focus on finding out how my brain was affecting my mental health and not the uncovering of past traumas was the big difference and the changes have been profound. My brain has, in effect, been rewired with Dr. Delli Colli’s help, slowing down my once destructive thought processing and allowing me to see things as they really are. Hills Neuroscience in essence saved my marriage and probably my life and I will be forever grateful!”

— Kirk, Hills Neuroscience Patient

What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy, or brainwave biofeedback, is the process of learning to change your brainwave activity. Your brainwave activity is recorded and analyzed in real-time by a computer-based program. Through sounds or visual signals, you learn to increase or decrease brain patterns. Over time, you regulate and improve your brain function to alleviate neurological problems, mental health conditions and achieve optimal performance.

What Is Neurostimulation and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulation (pEMF)?

Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation is a type of electromagnetic therapy. It provides a non-invasive, safe at low levels, easy method to directly treat the site of injury, the source of pain and inflammation, and other types of illnesses and disorders. We use magnetic coils and/or electrical currents to change the magnetic field and nudge the neurons to fire in different patterns and rates.

Neurostimulation therapy uses tiny electrical currents that are intermittently applied to different areas of the body to increase healthy functioning. These types of therapies help to stimulate or inhibit different areas of the brain and body.

We use the results of your brain mapping, clinical interview, and physiological profile to identify the type of neurotherapy, exact locations, and frequencies to promote physical and psychological healing.

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How Neurofeedback Therapy Works

Tiny discs are placed on the surface of your scalp to precisely monitor changes in your brainwave activity. You will immediately receive auditory feedback (music or tones) or visual feedback (movies, bar graphs, video games) based on your brainwaves. You learn to adjust your brainwave activity and connections through operant conditioning with positive reinforcement. Using this visual and auditory feedback, you learn to adjust and control your brain state. These brainwave changes, if reinforced through repeated sessions, can endure without further feedback sessions. For example, when a worker is rewarded with a performance bonus (positive reinforcement) for exceptional sales figures, they are more likely to continue performing at a high level.



Your brain is malleable, and neurostimulation (also called neuromodulation) creates neuroplasticity, which enables the brain to change and grow in response to its environment. Through neurostimulation and pulsed electromagnetic field potentials, we nudge the brain and body to modify neuronal firing rates and patterns to promote healing.

How Does Neurotherapy Help?

Brainwaves are created by tiny changes in cortical and subcortical electrical activity generated by your brain cells. During your neurofeedback therapy, you learn to normalize these brainwaves and neural networks to alleviate symptoms and improve functioning.  Stimulation therapies guide your brain and body to change at their cellular level to assist in the healing process and improve overall functioning.

How Does Neurostimulation and pEMF Help?


There are four main types of brainwaves:

  • Increases blood flow / circulation
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Changes maladaptive neuronal firing patterns causing symptoms
  • Corrects deficiencies and excess in brainwave frequency
  • Disrupts poorly functioning networks and stimulates new connections
  • Changes the rates of ion binding to receptor sites
  • Decreases symptoms by increasing more adaptive and flexible functioning
  • Cell regeneration
  • Pain relief
  • Accelerates healing
  • Relief of chronic and acute pain
  • Improved nerve functioning


Many of our services can be conducted via phone or video conference – all in compliance with HIPAA privacy standards.

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